IEEE sponsors over 2,000 annual conferences and events worldwide, curating cutting-edge content for all of the technical fields of interest within IEEE.

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IEEE Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility & Signal/Power Integrity (EMC+SIPI) provides state-of-the-art education on EMC and signal integrity and power integrity techniques. 

IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events 

IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) is a dedicated partner made up of event industry experts driven to shape innovative and high-quality events.

IEEE MCE specializes in event management including registration, audience development, and program design, as well as sponsorship, publications, and financial management for over 2,000 annual events worldwide.

The MCE team is available to assist you.

Email with questions or concerns, or call:
Toll-Free: +1 855 340 4333 (US & Canada)
Toll: +1 732 562 3878 (worldwide)

Virtual Events team

MCE has expertise in online, virtual, and digital event mediums. Learn how MCE can help you design virtual events that create community, provide alternate participation options, and ensure authors are supported.

IEEE Conference Application

Apply for IEEE sponsorship for your conference with IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events.

Conference publications

IEEE produces cutting-edge conference publications in various technology areas that are recognized by academia and industry worldwide. Articles submitted for publication follow a paper-selection process and are peer reviewed before they are published.

Calls for papers

IEEE provides the right forum for authors and speakers to present their work at various annual conferences worldwide. IEEE continuously updates its database with opportunities to submit abstracts and papers.

IEEE Conferences Committee

* IEEE volunteers and staff must use their IEEE Account to access content within the IEEE Technical Activities Operations site. In some instances, access to certain content areas is further limited based on IEEE volunteer roles.

Local meetings and events

IEEE provides its members and volunteers with networking and interaction opportunities through local meetings and events hosted by the local Sections, Chapters, and other regional governing bodies.

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